Matthias Totschnig


I’m a student in Berlin, Germany.

I am a user, developer and enthusiast of free software, (I use Arch, by the way.) and particularly excited about Rust. You can find some of my projects on SourceHut.

I am interested in mathematics, philosophy (in particular philosophical logic and epistemology) as well as music and other forms of art.

I am a proponent of the Public Money Public Code initiative and of a guaranteed basic income. I tend to dismiss desert in the name of empathy.

This site has no scripts and makes no external requests. All pages weigh less than 50kiB.


My email address is

I'm happy to receive mail encrypted in compliance with OpenPGP using my public key. Remember to attach your key if you'd like to receive an encrypted reply.

If you want to start a discussion you can also send mail to my public inbox.


The source code of this website, including the content, are licensed under the GNU AGPL version 3 or any later version, at your option.